Not long ago, a local radio station interviewed author Rob R. Morris. As a result of that interview, I was introduced to Rob's memoir and no-nonsense guide to taking control of one's life. Rob's plain-talking earnestness has been transferred to the pages of his book--"Decoding Your Past: A Guide to Happiness and Success Through Self-Understanding." His book is easy to read and impossible to put down. As a child, Rob was neglected and abused by his family. At age sixteen he contemplated suicide. Consequently, Rob arrived at his moment of truth--determining that the only way he would survive and be happy was if he took full responsibility of his own life. In "Decoding Your Past" Rob presents his readers with eight action steps to assist them in embracing their own destiny. Every bit of this 151 page book is packed with Rob's hard-driving determination and heart-centered wisdom. ~R Brockway