My New Book Opposite Man Is DONE!!!!

It’s finally done…after 3 years of writing, getting beat up by my editor, re-writing, re-re-writing some more…it’s finally done. Opposite Man is published!!!


Okay, my people are probably going to kill me for this because it’s not supposed to be the “official release” but I couldn’t help share the news. I’m excited about it.


So many people have asked, “How did you do it? How did you overcome everything you went through? How did you make it?” I am often reminded, “Statistically, you shouldn’t have made it.”


The adversities of your past predispose you for a particular path in life. Statistically speaking, that is not usually a good path.


The statistics are stacked against victims of abuse or trauma, whether it’s sexual, physical, or emotional and whether it occurred at an early age or later in life.


Statistics try to quantify and objectively look at human behavior, even though in specific cases, behavior is impossible to accurately predict. Statistics try to categorize us into groups and then predict our outcome.


But we can only predict a person’s future within the larger framework of statistics referring to a whole group—our individual personalities remain unpredictable.


Statistics suggest an outcome based on patterns of lots of people, but they don’t account for our individuality and our ability to break free from victim stereotypes. Statistics don’t account for our resilience to become the… Opposite Man (or woman) of what we should have become.


However, statistics do give us a reference point to quantify the magnitude of our adversities. They allow us to measure our own personal successes and failures in life by making comparisons to others in similar categories.


I find pride in realizing how opposite I have turned out from what I could have become. I am reminded that I have survived my ordeals and that I am all right… in fact I’m better than alright. I have been fortunate in my efforts to turn my adversity into triumphs and have completely changed my path in life.


I am saddened by the statistics, though, because they remind me how much work we still must do. I’m confronted with how many people out there who have not made it—people who continue to perpetuate and reaffirm the sad statistics.


These numbers remind me how many people have not figured out how to stop the pain and suffering of the victim role—how many have not broken free of victim stereotypes.


The statistics provide the realization that while I am the Opposite Man, so many others are not. There can be no heaven without a hell—no hot without cold—no day without night. We must have an opposing measurement to quantify our own progress and success.


The most important aspect of these statistics is that they only apply to us if we allow them to. If we change our path and direction, then they no longer apply.


The Opposite Man is about changing your life, changing your direction, and overcoming the dismal statistics cosigned to us by our past adversities. The Opposite Man is about learning to live a life of excellence and finding that inner serenity and peace.


Check out my website for the Opposite Man and get a sneak preview into the pages of the book by clicking HERE. Shhhh don’t tell, but you can also order the book today by clicking HERE.


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